If I Have To Tell You One More Time……

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Well, I can honestly say that I've arrived at the pinnacle of motherhood.  I got her to 18 without her being hooked on drugs or pregnant. I taught her the survival skills that she'll need when I ship her off to college next fall.

It was not an easy feat, though.  There were tears, tantrums and the occasional spanking – you bet your ass I'm not afraid to admit that.  There were times when I felt like ripping my hair out if I had to tell her one more time to brush her teeth, or to simply put some damn pants on!!

I am happy to report that I am not alone.  It is an epidemic among parents to repeat themselves.  Constantly.  I am of the belief that I wish I had recorded myself telling her to brush her teeth then all I would have had to do is hit play.

One mom wrote about things that she has on her all-time repeat list.  Go to the next page to see if you can relate to her list.


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