6 Annoying Moms Who Drive Me Crazy

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Once your little one reaches a certain age there comes a time when not only do you want to teach them to be social and how to get along well with others-but it's time for you to practice your own social skills and connect with other people in life besides your husband and your precious child.

Well sometimes that's easier said than done. You go to the park, playdates and children's birthday parties with every intention to make new Mommy friends and help your little one make new friends too. You know the interaction with other children is good for your child on so many levels including learning how to share and take turns and playing nicely with others. But sometimes there are other mothers that you just can't seem to click with. You want to for your child's sake-but you  just can't take being around their personality for more than 5 minutes!

You know those Moms I'm talking about-trust me, if you've ever been to Mommy-and-me classes or have taken your child to preschool yet-you've run into them…and you'll still meet them when your child is older and begins soccer and dance classes.

We're all on this motherhood journey together but we're all different too. As long as we're always civil and polite to one another that's what really matters… you don't have to be Best Friends with everyone. Here's a list of annoying moms who drive other Moms crazy. Are you one of  these or do you you know one of these? Lol- I must admit I'm actually 2 of these Moms on this list 😉

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