5 Crazy Things That Come With Your Third Trimester

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There are few things in life as strange as the last few months of pregnancy. By that point, I was a combination of overwhelmingly exhausted and so sick I couldn't sleep. It was definitely interesting.

I spent the majority of my third trimester trying to master sleeping while sitting up because the very moment I put myself into a horizontal position and managed to get comfortable, the acid reflux flared up and I started puking. Fun times! That's obviously sarcasm.

What truly made it all so strange, though, was the fact that within a few weeks of meeting my little guy, I was more than ready to do it all again. Welcome to pregnancy and labor & delivery.

Scary Mommy put together a list of things that'll drive you crazy in your third trimester. You definitely have to check it out! It's hilarious. See for yourself on the next page.

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