4 Top Tips For Training Our Canine Friends From The Dog Whisperer

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Do you have faithful furry friends that follow your kids everywhere?

It's amazing to me how close my son and our chocolate lab are. I was actually worried at one point that the dog wouldn't adjust, but I've been nothing less than pleased with both of them. The dog was well-trained early on and we've been working with my son to teach him that he needs to respect animals. No hitting, no pulling tails, etc. You know, the usual.

One of the first words my son said, aside from “mama” and “da-da” of course, was “puppy.” He loves that dog more than anything else and I love the fact that they get along so well.

If you're familiar with Cesar Millan, then you're already aware that he definitely knows his stuff when it comes to dogs. Good Housekeeping published 10 dog-training tricks straight from the dog whisperer and this article is sure to be valuable to you if you have four-legged friends of the canine variety too.

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