5 Crazy Things That Come With Your Third Trimester

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How many of these have you experienced?

1. Wearing Shoes With Complicated Laces and Buckles

If you’re lucky enough to still be able to bend over to put on your shoes, they’re going to be the easiest shoes to put on. Any small laces and multiple buckles are a no-go. It’s a feat to bend over to get regular shoes on; don’t push your luck with anything more fancy.

2. Shaving All of Your Leg Successfully (or Bikini Area)

Laughing for days at this one. Who can do that? Can you even lift your leg high enough to see all the areas you’re shaving? Bonus points if you can kind of shave your leg without also feeling like you’re about to fall over.

3. Getting Up From a Low Couch or Chair Gracefully

All grace goes out the window now that you’re in the third trimester. The lower the piece of furniture, the less graceful you’ll be. It’s basically a law. Grunting, breathing heavy, trying to push yourself off random objects; that’s the norm these days. You’ll look about as graceful as a turtle stuck on its back, desperately trying to roll over back onto its legs—arms and legs flailing wildly in all directions and still getting nowhere.

4. Sleeping Peacefully Through the Night

Everyone says get your sleep now. Who are these people? They must not have encountered the endless need to pee, the crazy dreams that wake you in a panic, the weird pains from shifting positions, and the kicks that always come in the middle of the night. A good night is sleeping for more than an hour or so at a time. Practice for when the baby comes, right?

5. Not Getting Winded Doing Menial Things

Did you walk up one flight of stairs? Bend over to pick something up that was slightly out of reach? Try to get something off a high shelf? All of that comes with the huff and puff of feeling like you just ran a marathon. There’s no way around it; just embrace the huff and puff of the third trimester.

If you're curious what other struggles will drive you absolutely insane in your third trimester, check out the rest of the list on Scary Mommy. When you're finished, leave a comment and add your own.

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