Your Kids Can Help Too, You Know!

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People seriously think it's just some neat trick that my two-year-old cleans up after himself. Ironically, it's not… We've been working on life skills basically since the day he was born. When he learned to sit up and could play with some toys on a quilt, I handed him a basket full of them and encouraged him to clean up when he finished.

When my son started walking, that sealed the deal. Whatever he gets out, he's responsible for putting away. And on the weekends, he helps me switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer. He's definitely an awesome little helper and not only does he enjoy it right now, but it's also teaching him responsibility.

Today Parents posted an article titled 8-Year-Olds Can Do Their Own Laundry: Which Chores At What Ages? It's totally true. Your kids can help too. See for yourself on the next page.

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