One Family’s Awesome School Drop-Off Line Business Idea. Psst… Every Mom Needs This

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Would you be excited to see something like this where you live?

“I thought I saw a food truck at the back of the morning car line,” Fickling told TODAY Parents in an email. “We all know that car lines are places of order and regulation — don't get out of line, don't cut in line, keep your eyes ahead and maintain order — could it be? A food truck?”

Fickling says, although the truck looked inviting, she did not dare to lose her place in the car line to investigate its offerings. But later, when a private Facebook page for parents at the school confirmed the presence of the truck, Fickling knew her life would never be the same.

The truck, named Caffe Ole, is owned by another set of parents at the school, Gabriel and Heather Rael. Heather Rael says she and her family moved to North Carolina from New Mexico five years ago, and recently started the food truck as a side business, hoping to control their own work hours and connect with their community in a unique way.

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