Rules For Relatives That All Moms Can Relate To

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We love our relatives. Sometimes they do things that make our jobs as parents a lot harder, though. I'm sure it's not intentional. After all, who really wants to create headaches? Maybe, they don't have kids or maybe it's been so long they don't remember.

Holidays are amazing and we definitely love spending time with family and friends, but we also have entirely too many toys (especially ones of the plastic variety). Do we really need more? I mentioned to my husband not too long ago that we're going to run out of space soon. You know, because that's what happens when you have kids. It's sort of inevitable.

One mom wrote an awesome list of dos and don't for relatives. It's both fun and funny at the same time. I'm willing to bet that all moms can relate to at least a few of these. See for yourself on the next page.

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