Mommy Pet Peeves

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When you were younger, you had an abundance of patience.  When your father and grandfather were looking for a victim, er, participant, to go fishing with them, you were the first to volunteer, even if it meant getting up at 5:30am.  You were the best babysitter, would willingly sit for hours coloring in coloring books, reading stories.  

Now, you’re a mom.  With screaming, banshee-like children.  Patience was left behind in the rear window ages ago.   Hell, going to the bathroom by yourself is unheard of.  If you do manage to lock yourself in the bathroom, there are little fingers wiggling under the door with “Are you done yet?” on repeat.  

You have created a laundry list of pet peeves when in the past this stuff would have flown under your radar, unnoticed.  That was before sleep deprivation, mopping up spaghetti and sauce (again!), endless loads of laundry (seriously, how did mud get on their clothes when they were inside the whole time?).  

Here is a list of the top (in my mind) pet peeves of the world, in no particular order:

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