I’m Definitely Not A Neat Freak And I’m Okay With That

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Is your house messy? Do you care?

The other day, I finally stole some time and vacuumed out my minivan. I was starting to live in fear of someone asking me for a ride.

Not only was there garbage, random hats, a broken umbrella and tracked-in leaves on the floor, there were bits of pretzels and popcorn and some unidentifiable foods stuck between the seat cushions of the middle and back seats. My kids weren't complaining (which was good, since they were mostly responsible for the mess), but it was crossing the line from messy to unsanitary.

We just aren't neat people.

Our house is constantly cluttered. It's not like we don't ever clean — we do, and we hire people to come and really clean every couple of weeks. But surfaces (tables, countertops, chairs, sofas, floors) get covered (with books, newspapers, magazines, coats, school papers, clothes, toys and various random objects). It's their natural state. We're not going to get featured on “The Hoarders” or anything, but it's a bit chaotic. Not only that, but as the house is old, there's always something that we are in the midst of fixing. Let's just say that entropy rules.

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