If You See A Teal Pumpkin This Halloween

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Can you believe it's mid-October already? In just a few weeks, we're going to be going trick-or-treating for the first time. Last year, the little guy was only a few months old. This year, it's different. Just today I ordered him the most adorable little fuzzy monster costume. I'm totally excited.

Here's the thing, though. He's only 16 months old. Too young for candy, that's for sure. For us, trick-or-treating is about the experience. I want him to get out, to meet people, and to spend some time with his friends.

I still haven't decided what we'll do with any candy we get. I just know that he and I won't be eating it. I have a few friends who have little ones with food allergies РLactose Intolerance, Celiac Disease. It's a shame. Whereas my son has no idea and definitely won't miss it, kids with food allergies sometimes feel like they're missing out because they have no choice but to get rid of anything they can't eat. It's just not worth the chance.

Apparently, The Teal Pumpkin Project is supposed to minimize this, at least to some extent. It's a way for parents to know that a house has non-food treats. And even though my son doesn't have any food allergies, I think this idea is awesome because the less candy we end up with, the better.

Mom.me wrote an article all about The Teal Pumpkin Project. Check it out on the next page.

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