Clothes You Can Wear All Year

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Have you seen the time capsule wardrobes? I'm a big fan. I'm too terrified to actually make the jump and get rid of my clothes… whether I actually wear them all or not. Still, I love the idea!

A time capsule wardrobe involves choosing a few staple items that you can interchange with a few statement pieces in order to make a variety of new outfits that will last you all season. Sounds nice doesn't it? There are pins on Pinterests, iPhone apps, and fashion blogs dedicated to helping you establish your very own time capsule. They're a lot of fun to drool over.

I've always been a fan of classic and neutral styles that can be very functional due to their muted colors and patterns. Although I alternate between a “winter” wardrobe and “summer” wardrobe, many of the pieces stay in my closet year round. There's no season for a good pair of jeans, they're always perfect.

So if you're like me, you're more interested in clothing purchases that will be versatile enough to wear all year despite great fluctuations in temperature.

Check out a must see list of items you can wear all year long on the next page to get you started.

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