Answers To Kids Questions That We Wish We Could Use

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There are different types of questions that kids ask: easy-answering, Google-answering and Can-I-Answer-Truthfully-answering.  An example of an easy-answering question: why do I have to go to bed?  Because I need you to, I need the peace and quiet.  An example of a Google-answering question: what makes it rain?  Hold on, I'll find out.

But what about the incessant questions?  The ones that make your head hurt or make you want to cry? The questions that make you question your own sanity?

Any event can trigger a series of questions like these.  A simple drive to Grandma's can morph into a frightening game of 100 Questions (not the fun 20 Questions game).  It resembles a high-power machinegun-barrage of questions thrown you're way.  So many questions that you want to beat your head against the car window.

This mom put a hilarious spin on the daily struggle of mothers everywhere. Read on to see the list of answer you only wish you could give.

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