5 Things Food Allergy Moms Wish That Everyone Else Understood

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Do you have kiddos with food allergies? How do you feelĀ about what this mama has to say?

1 We're Not Trying to Be Rude
Your homemade baked goods look absolutely divine, but please do not take offense if I kindly refuse them for my child. It's nothing personal, and the truth is that it probably makes us feel worse than you. So unless you know exactly what went into those goods, then we're not going to be taking any chances.

2 We're Not Trying to Ruin Birthday Parties
Birthday parties are a mine field for food allergies, but trust me, we are not trying to ruin it for everyone. Angry you can't bring cupcakes for your child on his birthday at school? If it were your child who could suffer a life-threatening reaction to homemade cupcakes, then you'd probably be less upset.

3 No, It's Not a Myth
I'm sorry that you feel like the whole allergy industry is just another way modern medicine is trying to take our money, but I've seen what a food allergy can do firsthand, and I've got a child to protect.

4 Epipens Are Only For Emergencies
Yes, I do have my Epipen! But no that does not mean it's OK for my child to eat anything. An autoinjector is for emergency situations when a person starts to have a life-threatening reaction that may (or may not) buy you time as you rush them to the hospital

5 Doc Appointments Are the Worst
Allergy and food allergy appointments are not your run-of-the-mill trips to the doctor. Although they play a vital role in keeping your allergic child healthy, these visits can also be quite traumatic for a tot (and mama) as well as downright confusing, since things always seem to be changing as your little one grows.

You can check out the rest of this article on Babble. When you're finished, leave a comment and share your experiences with people not understanding your kids' food allergies.

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