Ever have one of those days where you feel like you’re losing your mind? You’re starting to forget the simplest things, you’ve given up on actually looking presentable when you leave the house and live in yoga pants all day AND night. You catch yourself singing Disney songs in the car even when the kids aren’t […]

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How To Take A Shower With A Newborn In The House

I had a friend that stopped over every day after work when I had my son. She would sit with him for a few minutes while I took a shower. True story. Oh, and I did I mention that I totally miss those days? It’s hard to believe just how complicated the logistics of having […]

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7 Ways To Know You Have A Toddler

It’s sort of crazy to think that a little over two years ago, I had no kids. Fast forward to now and I can’t even begin to wrap my head around how much I’ve changed. Parenthood will do that to ya. And of course my son has changed too. He went from being a helpless […]

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The True Meaning of a Messy House

Do you ever feel like you can’t keep up. You know what I mean, I’m sure. The messes seem to multiply when you’re not looking. I can’t even tell you how often I look around and ask myself how we managed to make such a disaster so quickly. I’ve also jokingly told my husband on quite […]

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Check Out This Mom’s Awesome Goal For Parenting

Do you know what I don’t understand? Why so many people can’t mind their own business. After all, aren’t we all entitled to our own opinions? Yep! You would think so at least, but that doesn’t appear to be the case these days. We live in a time when too many people feel the need to […]

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20 Things All Dads Should Say To Their Little Girls

Were you a “daddy’s girl?” Are your little girls following closely in your footsteps? Dads are oh-so-very-important to little girls, both socially as well as emotionally. It’s amazing how much little girls pick up from daddy as well as from your relationship with their dad. Watching our moms and dads is how we first learn about […]

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20 Questions I Ask Myself While I’m Cleaning My Teenage Son’s Room

I’m sure you’ve seen the Febreeze commercial. Heck, I’ve seen it like a million times and I rarely even watch TV. Mom comes into teenage boys room, says he’s got friends coming over, and it stinks in there… She tells her son they need to wash the entire room. And of course they wash it with […]

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4 Things All Moms Should Teach Their Daughters About Real Life

Sometimes the wrong things are valued in our society. Boys are nice to girls for all the wrong reasons. And girls choose to sacrifice themselves for the sake of those same boys. For that matter, skinny and sexy shouldn’t be synonymous. Peer pressure should totally be a thing of the past. We’re all strong and […]

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3 Things To Give Our Teenage Sons When They Hit Puberty

Do you remember when our sons were newborn babies? They relied on us for literally everything. We fed them and changed them and rocked them to sleep. Those were the days, right? Fast forward quite a number of years and guess what? We have teenagers on our hands. And with teenagers comes puberty. Fun times. […]

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Mila Kunis Shares Her Views On Easy Entitlement & Hollywood Kids

I grew up solidly in the middle class. I had two working parents and we definitely weren’t well-off in any sense of the word. We did however have a roof over our heads, food to eat, and lots of love. That didn’t stop our parents from saving money to make birthdays and Christmases as special […]

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Rules For Relatives That All Moms Can Relate To

We love our relatives. Sometimes they do things that make our jobs as parents a lot harder, though. I’m sure it’s not intentional. After all, who really wants to create headaches? Maybe, they don’t have kids or maybe it’s been so long they don’t remember. Holidays are amazing and we definitely love spending time with […]

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We’re Saying Thank You and I’m Sorry to Our Kids’ Teachers

<img src=&quot;http://adrta.com/i?clid=ar&amp;paid=ar&amp;avid=4UHU5P4P3FESHLUMNBLWAU&amp;caid=4BRDBJIZVRGAHJN3IN8PRO&amp;plid=ZNTECZFCSFFNNF3LGAG2MQ&amp;siteId=scarymommy.com&amp;kv1=300×250&amp;publisherId=7367&amp;kv2=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.scarymommy.com%2Fsummer-slide-kids-teacher&amp;kv3=4140a289fc9f91a5aa93247872d2cf09&amp;kv4=;kv7=BA&amp;kv11=27155339411228359373062663571314945&quot;> We all have good intentions for the summer. We’re going to take amazing and educational family vacations. Er, field trips. Oh, and did I mention that we’re going to read lots of books? And what about all those science experiments we planned? Yea right! And then summer actually happens and our books get […]

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OMG! Awesome Video That Will Make Think Before You Speak…Especially To Kids

OMG! Awesome Video That Will Make You Think Before You Speak…Especially To Kids

How many times does something slip out of your mouth before you realize it, especially when you’re talking to your kids? It happens. After all, we’re human. Occasionally, we don’t even realize it. We never want our kids to see us angry, but sometimes we forget about one of the most important things. Even if […]

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Take Back Control When The Kids Won’t Stop Begging

<A HREF=&quot;https://bid.g.doubleclick.net/xbbe/creative/jump?p=APEucNUNXjfq7SdEHUwK39ZC0H7gqgKeO8r9j6_uSmcUxd-HoWKm4hw&amp;d=CkxBS0FtZi1BTnpnbklfVUNVekZBRUYwdm1sZ0JtSnotVEJCaW9oXzdjejR6aVBfYWNUcnlTUjA5Z1hxQ0w3bXZIWE5HVE9iSGM4aHpoEuINQUtBbWYtQ3VwQjFHWC1LakZvZE1RSl9XcDNkc3h2ZkVTQ1dSQ3RYSzJ0c3F6aERQd3NvS3Y3OURnXzlEbHhhMTdtbWh0elhVMU1SRUJOSTNkZEJXVW9ucmowWGF1aXJkUzFMajNzOTE3bG1OdHIxRjYySXBlRV9QMTI4ekoxcm5YREdIalJkd2Q3WVZfNjFQbWhRajVuU0g2c01OS3VqbWdUNGp2QllCUnlOcnRPdGd5T3haYVRWelltVUZrS054dHVXNy1YOUpMQ3c3UV9fMEwtQmQzbnhGcnBzeVpuQ0lGRFUtMUE0Y24tVlVfRUlaeWJWMEVBaU5YTDJXcHlVd2JkWWZsRkhKeHRoS1lObUxoZUFKR1dIeUc5QXpMT01iU05OM3gxN012SmZXcEIxdkxSR1NnUXpYa1dFMnJpOGU2dC1fdFpYWE9IMGFHZFdUb1FVcjFlMmtlRVdsWUxPWFd4c1JaU08xYUxFRmpPNll3RWxEcjNUUHlDM3BCcW5oSzF2bnFHaFpOREpsY2J1aFpJbW5iRkdyQlNiZGdxNnpYQXV0OEJJMG9vQjBmSE5BNlFCVDZJNkFkalRYTU9CeVpmN1N2RHc3U2RweFc4b2JTaUFJLV9kQ05vd3M0TU1ITXRYNzZ1eklZOXNmTHdTYUVEYmVhQUdpSVJnVjY1WlJEd3FLM0VjRFBqTVhxQ2c3czdEeGlqOXk4dG0wZzRZUWxHVDZ0YTkwT3JnN2VDMjRUMTd6OWZMVXFLQU1HSElJMU4zNld1SFlxSXJfTV82VjBoaE01UEFmU3JMdUVNUWZ6QV94MllEWGpaQTZ2SDNWNWFTUkJwY09LWEtGR3NxR3hKQmlxMGxQenVpLURDa0RYTFpESzNfWVNTY0N3Z084RHRIRklMS1dBQVFDX0RydURWdTJ2Y1VYRzRvUXprRUhZYjBEUThDalVtakQyV2dfeUpEYjBaMVhJR19OeFZodVRRc0phbk1jaFNCVm5tVG1NWDJvZ2NoSWZYT2VjVmRGVWlnZ3BBMGIxSzF6eThoQi1JU05hbVZIdlJxZzRjLXk4QWh2RmI5RnFrbnFQM3hFTHBmNWVzVkdNdTJrNlJ3R3JZaUJOMEtSZnlyWXNYdUF1aHp2ODl5d04wek1KbWdScDZ3YjVXNE04ZklGUkRJNlhPSXBIRFN4RFpRNUJPMUNTVzBBODBsXzQtaWtVaUl5TlNpR2pTWHNKZU8wMzl5MTNhRnExWUQ5anhlRWxPcXFPbXRTWThhTDVuTF9tczR6WHBYVE16cmRZSGFUcVlCOUczZmg3eDZFN2ZlUzNOTElLQUNOYjJicHlpZDZKcVpHTW1TSmdCUmNsbGtpUjNaVF9JREh0WjI4MG5ReHFLVnFyUk1HZmpYTEw4TDUyUkY5LTRtLVJzNURsNGdRTlg2OUxfMFlEeGc4TjVSTXhUd0JGVWJYYzRVeXFwaDZOYkpXcUVuSUZvbDZlRlViQ2diOWRwRF9RTjQzNXZEUUlialEyY25ZdXAzN0pyWHkxWU84WlVfTHROeXc3MFJYZWZlS0RrWFBJT2xsMldtTkZUVVhqZ2tSUmVaS3hkQnprQVdKNGxJamt0dkh3TTg1ZGhDS3hPbHpyYVZYSnpCRDdhNDc0UkVCNXpSQnVDa294bVIxM2d4bFI3aU9yaElNU2VFa0ZheEpUSWdyX0hXRm1VZVdiNlB5RkFUcWlSS2ZRUHNIZHlycjBiTHRBUllCclNCRFhQekZIVWdVSE9lSjM3Rk9tOUFNNE1jRVJaZlhlSFVacHg5ZDM0SHkzR3JDc01FSUV2emduaTZzVGJoTl96bkM2LUhoWGtWY2xwM0l4dHFUWEpiQU9VVlI2VXMtWTdqS0hVak9GWEl2UFFkeDNqQzBMOU4xQW92X3pMcE1rWjl4MWpJMmEwcWtpS0t0WkMzeTNLdnVFTnVvbkxwNUhod2x5OU9XeUlxSERsTmF3RkpxODBsbG11YURPWnRNQ2staEJkdGxpMDBnY0hoRm9IakZpVmpHalg2eVJheDBkdTM0SUJmZGtreWZ5ZXpwVHFxcXk5aEhVMWdQTXdxX0hqbnlkb0kzZzluRThDeUhMRENYaERabFU3akZuMmZkSjNGbVpLT2Y5dFJINlpMeS1sTzlkbUtqY2FlVnl6RVpxNHdUeXlWa0NnaGZtdXJEdk9vcFF4TTZUdWtHeThKVFpwRENuX0FwdmtrNHkwRE5ZVU5fdU56alBJSXJpNWk1ckt5elhLeU4zSmJ6aFY0R2IyMnJ3Qk04ZzVqRUhRcVBUQ3B0WWZNcXl2QXpESTJfUkRNWnVjV3h6eHUtTkpPbEk2T2k0ZxoA&quot;><IMG 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BORDER=0 WIDTH=728 HEIGHT=90 ALT=&quot;Advertisement&quot;></A> How many times are you walking through a store, minding your own business when all of a sudden a little kid – yours or someone else’s – decides to pitch a fit because they aren’t getting what they want? Fun times, right? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you […]

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This Is What Having Three Kids Is Really Like

Everyone talks about being all kinds of unsure of themselves with one, a pro with two, and completely and totally outnumbered with three. I can definitely attest to being scared with the first one. What happens if I mess something up? What if I drop the baby? Those and so many other strange and random […]

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Mom Makes Kids Do Their Own Grocery Shopping And Cooking

I remember when I stumbled across this article originally. The title made me curious, to say the least. “This Mom Did an Experiment to Get Her Kids to Stop Asking For Food All Day. The Results? GENIUS!”  It actually never occurred to me that the experiment might have been an awesome life skills lesson too. Go […]

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Research Says Homework Is Ruining Our Kids

Do you remember being in school as a kid? You were there all day and then came home and did entirely too much homework. By the time you were finished with everything, your evening was shot and there wasn’t much point in doing anything else. Recent research is saying all that homework is actually pointless. I’ll […]

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What Your 4-Year-Old Should Definitely Know (Hint – It’s Not Academic)

Do you ever find yourself comparing your toddler/preschooler with your friends’ little kids? I know, I know. Sometimes, it’s hard not to. We’re so used to hearing that all kids develop differently and that little kids do things in their own time and on their own terms, but it’s still too easy to get wrapped […]

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3 Is The Most Stressful Number Of Children To Have

Have you ever considered your threshold for child-bearing? Have you wondered how many kids you can reasonably handle? It’s so easy to say Aw, I totally want another baby, but what about the resulting total number of children? It’s actually kind of funny when you think about it that way. Huff Post published an article sharing 11 […]

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Do You Let Your Kids Climb Up The Slide?

Are you one of those parents who let their kids climb up the slide? I can’t even tell you how many times in a day I tell my son to get the wheels off the slide, but his body? Eh… Somehow, that seems like the lesser of the two evils to me. A better question might […]

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