What Your 4-Year-Old Should Definitely Know (Hint – It’s Not Academic)

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Do you ever find yourself comparing your toddler/preschooler with your friends' little kids? I know, I know. Sometimes, it's hard not to. We're so used to hearing that all kids develop differently and that little kids do things in their own time and on their own terms, but it's still too easy to get wrapped up in the comparison game.

One thing I've definitely learned since becoming a mama is that as soon as I start to worry, a certain little someone surprises me. And while we're on the subject, all little kids have something that they're really good at. For my son, it's problem-solving. For yours, it might be something completely different.

Huff Post published an article answering the question “what should a 4 year old know?” I'll give you a hint – not one thing on this list is academic. Find out what is on the list on the next page.

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