Why You Should Never Ask Your Husband To Help You

<a href="http://bs.serving-sys.com/BurstingPipe/adServer.bs?cn=brd&FlightID=18590178&Page=&PluID=0&Pos=303711970" target="_blank"><img src="http://bs.serving-sys.com/BurstingPipe/adServer.bs?cn=bsr&FlightID=18590178&Page=&PluID=0&Pos=303711970" border=0 width=300 height=250>https://adclick.g.doubleclick.net/pcs/click?xai=AKAOjsswkZxyrFa-dk-_vkK_4WxEKvQ0g5Yu7fatj5BrI6Uwdy8H3EIyGOGfg3zQ5w1DmPRJbofZpoigTf3yezJeDIZMC3PemVT6A9CMjqxkkmE4t7xx2YtHpsr3bF5y82TlD7jiahE1MTF8q0SORInBpmaa9r0Nqtag9zjfwB7_41wuBPILkhpbj43nx8BeBC01Fks3qcQ69_q4Y0ymRyVhNj-8pA8502-aGWBeDGusLwXWpGs&sig=Cg0ArKJSzB0lRTjNVuMOEAE&urlfix=1&adurl=</a> Do you ever feel like all you do is beg your husband for help? It’s not that you’re not capable of taking care of things because you totally are, but sometimes it’s just nice not to feel like you’re doing everything by yourself. I mean, he lives there […]

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What Do Dad’s Really Think About Married Life After Kids?

Moms look forward to playdates or get to call their girlfriends to vent and relate to other Moms about daily parenting and housewife struggles. Rather than worrying about what they sound like whining and complaining to their husbands, they save it for when they actually have time to chat with other Moms who will totally relate and […]

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8 Signs He’s Just As Into You As He Was The Day You Met

I can’t even begin to believe that I’ve been with my husband for over a decade. 10 years! And you know what? There are a lot of things that have changed over the years, but one thing that hasn’t is that we’re both still just as into each other as we were the day we met. […]

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11 Signs Your Mr. Right Is Right For You

I’ve never doubted that I married the right man. We are pretty opposite on a lot of things, but we stand together where it counts. I knew he was the one to marry when he said I look best in sweat pants with my hair untamed. We fall in love, then we get married. That’s […]

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One Dad Goes Viral After Sharing A Facebook Post About How Hard Being A SAHM Mom Really Is

What is it with people and all the crap about how a stay-at-home mom does nothing all day. If nothing looks like planting flowers together and doing laundry, making three different meals and at least two snacks and of course all the dishes that go with each of them, doing craft projects and science experiments… And […]

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The Real Truth About Marriage

Have you ever really stopped to think about how much your life changes once you say those two words that mean forever and always? Has it ever occurred to you that marriage might not be quite as romantic as you’d always hoped? It’s crazy to think that my husband and I have been together for […]

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How You Can Get Closer With Your Husband

Do you sometimes feel as if your marriage takes a back seat after having kids, especially when one or both partners work full-time? I know it can be hard to find the time to reconnect with your husband, but it’s oh-so-important to look out for number one. Sure, you have a never-ending to-do list and […]

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Reasons Why I Love My Husband

I love my husband even when he’s being hard to live with and really getting under my skin. I love him when he makes mistakes. I love him when he stubbornly refuses to change his argument even after he has figured out he’s wrong. I love him all the time. But, I really love all […]

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3 Secrets To A Happy Marriage

Do you ever wonder how some couples seem to have the perfect marriage? Or, for that matter, how they stay together and happy for what seems like forever? I know none of us get married expecting to end up divorced, but unfortunately it happens all too often. Why is that? And what can we do […]

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What’s Up With The Recent Trend Of Wife Bonuses?

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about the New York Post article by a woman who gets a wife bonus from her husband. I don’t know about you, but in our marriage, there is no division of assets for this to even be an issue. If we want something, we buy it. Quite […]

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7 Annoying Things Dads Do That Drive Moms Insane

I think we all can agree that Dads certainly have a different parenting style than Moms do. Not that it’s a bad thing…it’s just not quite how we would go about it…I will say Dads seem to have a knack for not “stressing-out” over things that Moms would definitely make a big deal out of. […]

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Stop The Husband Bashing!

I used to celebrate a weekly girls’ night with my two best friends. We spent a good portion of the evening bashing our boyfriends. I hate to admit it, but that was part of why I loved our time together. It was a great way to vent, get advice, and laugh with friends… at my […]

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What Dads Think Of “The Mommy Wars”

It’s a hot topic.  Moms all over the net are discussing “The Mommy Wars,” whether they’re pleading with other moms to come to their senses and stop the in-fighting… or joining in the drama by adding fuel to the fire. What do dads think about our silly war?  Get the scoop from one daddy blogger […]

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6 Interesting Discoveries After Dad Takes Over

Imagine coming home from an awesome “girl’s day” to find something crazy. What could it possibly be? Around here, that crazy usually comes in the form of the contents of the little guy’s diaper bag scattered across the living room floor. Oh, and then there are all the clothes that get pushed off my rocking chair […]

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2 Ways You’re Driving Your Husband Crazy

Does your husband drive you crazy? My husband knows exactly how to push my buttons! Sometimes, I’m quite sure he does it just for fun, just to see my reaction.  It’s maddening. I’m good at driving him crazy too. Sometimes, I don’t mean to get under his skin. Other times, I know exactly what I’m […]

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5 Reasons Why I Need My Husband

Before we had kids, I periodically told my husband “I don’t need you, but I do want you by my side.” When I was pregnant with our first child, I realized that’s just not true at all. It was during that difficult time in my life (it was a very difficult pregnancy) that I recognized […]

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Dear Husband, Thank you!

In my marriage, we don’t say “thank you” enough.  We expect things from one another that we would never ask of another person.  Our expectations are always met. Though I’m incredibly grateful to my husband, I don’t say it very often.  Sure, I write it in cards on Valentine’s Day and our anniversary. I might […]

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Why I Hate My Husband… Sometimes

I love my husband, but sometimes I get jealous. Usually it takes the form of something my husband likes to call “sleep jealousy.” Why does it feel like he gets so much more sleep than I do? Whatever form it takes, husband envy is a real thing. Guys, you want to know what we’re talking […]

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Dads Aren’t Dumb!

Hollywood & the media are promoting a stereotype about dads that just isn’t true.  The message is that dad’s are dumb. TV shows, movies, and even news stories often portray fathers as less intelligent, lazy, and less involved in parenting and the decision making that it involves. In the real world, that couldn’t be further […]

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Would You Rather Your Kids Have A Father Or A Dad?

All it takes to be a father is DNA, but being a dad is something so much more special. It’s about being there and being involved. Being a dad means wanting to be in the trenches and choosing to dance in the rain. Dads are so important to kids. I remember growing up and thinking […]

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