One Dad Goes Viral After Sharing A Facebook Post About How Hard Being A SAHM Mom Really Is

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What is it with people and all the crap about how a stay-at-home mom does nothing all day. If nothing looks like planting flowers together and doing laundry, making three different meals and at least two snacks and of course all the dishes that go with each of them, doing craft projects and science experiments… And all the other things that come with raising kids. Well, I guess it all adds up to us doing a whole lot of nothing then, doesn't it?

It must just be an illusion. You know, because there's no doubt that we sit around, watch cartoons and eat junk food all day, right?

One dad posted on Facebook about how stay-at-home moms work their butts off and his post went viral. Of course it did. For some crazy reason, most men still need to be reminded that yes we are indeed doing something productive even if the house is an utter disaster when he walks through the door.

Sometimes, there's more important things to do than scrub floors. Check out what this dad has to say on the next page.

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