Why Can’t Dads Learn Not To Speak Without Thinking?

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Men are the best at saying the worst. It seems they just have a knack for speaking without thinking.  My husband is great at it! Just the other day I had to explain that I really don't appreciate being told I have a big butt. Apparently, in my husband's mind, that is a compliment. I assured him that I don't know any woman who wants to hear that her butt is big and suggested he find a new adjective.

When you become parents, it only seems to get worse. As moms, we can be pretty sensitive about our kids and our new roles as parents. Often times my husband says something innocently that totally sets me off. He really doesn't mean to hurt my feelings or turn me into a “mama bear,” but that's what happens.

So what are the things dads just should NOT say to moms?  Check out some popular… err, unpopular… phrases dads get in trouble for saying on the next page.

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