VIDEO – Flower Girl Takes Her Duties Seriously!

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I love it! This little girl is so stinkin' cute!  Here are my favorite parts:

“Now you'll know what weddings look like, Dad.”

Right? Because I'm sure Dad has never been to a wedding. He has no idea what to expect. I love the way kids think!

“You can't talk at weddings. You can't call my name. I'm gonna be busy.”

She's probably pretty excited about that. My son would be thrilled.

“If you call my name, people will hear you and they're not gonna think you're a good dad.”

Love it! She somehow knows that playing the “good dad” card is the way to go.

“Dad! You do not understand weddings at all!”

Of course not sweetie, men never really understand weddings.


Check out the cute video above and share your cute wedding memories in the comment section.


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