Really Strange Pregnancy Cravings

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After polling lots of moms, Baby Center has a funny list of pregnancy cravings that will make you feel totally normal while you're noshing on pickles & ice cream.

Did you crave marinated anchovies while pregnant? One mom tells her story:

“Marinated anchovies. My boyfriend had to prise the pack out of my hands at the checkout when we went shopping. I honestly had tears in my eyes because I wanted them so much.”

I definitely cried one night when we ran out of honey mustard.  My husband just couldn't understand why regular mustard was totally not going to work.

Check out these other cravings:

“I couldn't get enough of feta cheese and other salty things, mostly corned beef and battered sausages.”

“Cheesy twists were my 3am morning sickness lifesaver. I also got a real taste for potato waffles with vinegar and salt, and cheese and onion crisps on a sandwich, spread thickly with butter.”

“I've been eating nothing but tuna pasta for the last few days. If I cook anything else just the smell of it makes my stomach turn.”

I was surprised by the number of moms that said they craved childhood favorites their moms used to make them. Isn't that sweet?

“I'm craving comfort food from my childhood at the moment. My mum used to make me grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch when I had bellyache. I've been going mad on these lately.”

“I got a sudden craving for granny smith apple segments with cheese. I used to have this when I was a little girl. Definite comfort food.”

Was there a certain drink you found yourself craving during pregnancy?

With my second pregnancy, I loved a cold glass of milk. I drank so much milk!

“I drank a litre of tomato juice the other day. I guess my body or baby needed the vitamins.”

“I drank litres of apple juice. I can remember crying my heart out on the kitchen floor because we'd run out.”

“I'm having beer cravings! A craving I can't appease is like an itch left unscratched.”

I remember thinking that my first baby (a boy) would be a girl because I couldn't stay away from the sweets! A few days before his birth, I ate a pint of cookie ice cream. Delicious!

“Millionaire's shortbread and Toblerone. The more the better, or at least that's what my body is unfortunately telling me.”

Some pregnant moms start to crave non-food items. This is called pica and it can be dangerous, so you should talk with your doctor if you start to crave things that are not edible.

Here are some examples:

“I needed anything dusty! I loved Shake ‘n' Vac. People stopped visiting because I used so much that they said they couldn't breathe. I also craved bath salts, and ate a teaspoon every night. I could have eaten more but was worried that it wasn't exactly good for me.”
“I had a craving for sand and gravel. I live next to a beach, which was a bit of a nightmare. I couldn't stop thinking about drinking sand.”

“I loved chewing sponges in all my three pregnancies, especially after the sponge had been washed with Dove soap, and then rinsed.”

“My craving was bathroom spray. I was drawn to the detergents aisle in the supermarket. I had a spotless bathroom. I also had to fight the urge to drink the fabric conditioner. It smelt so good!”

Of course sometimes…

“I just crave food. Any food. If I see an advert for a type of food, I want that food!”

Once, I saw an advertisement for Olive Garden breadsticks and immediately began begging my poor husband to get some. He dutifully drove to Olive Garden and purchased 2 dozen breadsticks. In thanks, I let him eat one. Just one though.

What are you craving?

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