Is Your Husband A Better Parent Than You?

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Becky Walker from Oklahoma City Moms Blog is sure her husband is the better parent. I think we've all had that feeling from time to time. Here's why Walker thinks it's true:

There have been approximately 2 million times over my 4 years of parenting when I have held my breath, felt my heart skip a beat, or ignored a knot forming in my stomach in the name of childhood adventure.  My fierce desire to protect and keep my baby safe, turned me into an (unintentional) helicopter parent.

My husband, on the other hand, has a more relaxed parenting style.  I wouldn’t call him “free range”, but he’s definitely a closer match to the ideal parent I had planned to be in this regard.  He’s the fun one.  He’s the reason our daughter is comfortable going down “the big slide” at the park or bouncing on her bottom all the way down the stairs of our home.  He’s the reason she can do flips, and the reason she knows how to ride her scooter and trike down the hill (helmet required, obviously).

As much as I want to believe reading parenting books and articles makes me the knowledgeable parent, I have to admit, my husband is naturally better at this part.  He sees growth where all I can see is risk.  He sees opportunity for learning where I see safety hazards.

My husband is definitely the fun one too. We even joke about how one parent has to be the “bad cop” or the “serious” one while the other lets loose. Usually, my husband is the fun parent and I'm the cautious one laying down all the rules and making sure they're followed.

Here's what you need to remember if you find you're not the fun one:

Finding the balance between two styles of parenting can be hard, but I’m thankful I’m not in it alone, and I’m happy to have a husband with strengths different from my own.

Kids need the fun parent, but they also need the cautious parent looking out for all the what-ifs. The balance is what's really important. Together, our kids are reaping the benefits!

Still think your husband might be the better parent? See what else Walker has to say about that at Oklahoma City Moms. Then, tell us… are you the fun parent?


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