If You’re In Your 40’s, You’ve Definitely Told Yourself These 12 Lies

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My birthday was the other day and my husband was continuously telling me that I was a year older than I actually am. Um hello! Can't he subtract a year instead? Yea, that'd be too easy and obviously it wouldn't annoy me anywhere near as much. I mean, c'mon. I'm already dreading my forties. Does he really need to torment me about my age?

Being 30-something has been all about saying I do and starting a family. So amazing, to say the least. I've loved every moment thus far of my thirties. But my forties? Let's think about that for a minute… Nope, not interested. Gosh, am I feeling old at the moment. Let's stay 30-something forever, shall we?

Actually, one of the preschoolers at work found out about my birthday and told me that I was 100. Really? Do I look 100? It was so incredibly adorable, though. How could I possibly be mad? Lol…

The Mid published a list of lies that 40-somethings tell themselves. If you're looking for a few good laughs, definitely check it out on the next page.

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