How Well Do You Hide Your Short Temper When It Comes To Your Kids?

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Overall, I'm relatively mild-tempered. I'm loud, but definitely not mean. You can hear the difference in my tone when I've had enough, though. I don't put up with people's crap. My son is the exception to that rule. I have an absolutely ridiculous tolerance for his antics.

Maybe, it's because I work in childcare, but toddler melt-downs don't even phase me at this point. Been there, done that. It's really easy to redirect them at that age. Throwing yourself on the floor and squealing? Want to play with Play-Doh? It seriously works every time. Lol…

If we're being completely honest here… And we are, aren't we? I have much less of a tolerance adults. As far as I'm concerned, they should know better.

Do you have a short temper when it comes to your kids? One mom wrote about how she didn't realize she had a temper until she had kids. Can you relate? Check it out on the next page.

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