Hilarious Justin Bieber “Sorry” Parody Shows Reality Of Parent Date Nights In Your 40’s

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Going for a date night out on the town is not quite what it used to be after  you have kids…especially when you're reaching your 40's.

In their latest Youtube parody video, Penn and Kim Holderness, make us laugh with their funny lyrics and silly old-school moves to Justin Beiber's hit , “Sorry”, which they call, “I'm 40”.

This video is so funny so prepare to laugh out loud as they remind us how our bodies just don't move like they used to and how we don't look as cool showing off our 90's dance moves…but we're okay with it. Date nights now start early when the sun's still out and we're ready to call it a night “Uberin' home at 9:20”.

If you're a parent and your life has certainly changed when it comes to partying and going out without the kids, you will totally relate all too well to this video. 😉

Check it out!



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