End Tween Drama With Just 5 Minutes A Day

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Almost a year ago, I became a stay at home mom. I wanted to spend more time with my kids and, thankfully, we were able to work it out financially so that I could.

Before, I remember blaming my son's behavior problems on the fact that he didn't get a lot of time with myself or my husband during the week. I thought if he could just get that extra one-on-one, things would be better.

Some things are better, he's still not a saint. Turns out being a stay at home mom doesn't solve everything, but having more time with my children has made a difference.  We can't all be stay at home moms and not everybody wants to spend all day every day with toddlers. But, we can spend 5 minutes.

Find out how your five minutes could be just what the doctor ordered for a moody tween on the next page.

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