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I love this hilarious list from Babble.com. I think all Moms can relate to this. It's nice to know you're not alone, other Moms feel like they're going crazy sometimes too!  😉


  1. You sit watching 45 minutes of Spongebob before you realize your kids are no longer even in the room — and then you still continue to watch!

  2. You finally find your car keys in the refrigerator an hour after you realize they’re missing. And it doesn’t even surprise you.

  3. When you’re out in public, you automatically look up when you hear someone call, “Moooooom!” even though your kids aren’t even with you.

  4. You find yourself singing Disney Jr. songs while cleaning the house.

  5. You’ve left the house with mismatched shoes. On more than one occasion.

  6. When you start to open a candy bar but your kids start running into the room, you stuff it in your bra or pants to hide it from them.

  7. You swear you can hear a baby crying every time you’re in the shower.

  8. You forget important things like your watch, your coat, doctor’s appointments, the names of friends. You even sometimes forget to buy wine!

  9. You search the whole house for sunglasses only to realize they’re on your head.

I was going to say something else. Ummm, never mind. I can’t remember what it was.


To see the rest of this hilarious list go check out Babble.com. They have the best parenting stories and tips!

Please tell me I'm not the only who feels like I'm going crazy sometimes. What crazy things have you done since you've become a parent? I'd love to hear in the comments below 🙂

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