4 Things NOT To Get My Kids For Christmas

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Every year people ask me what to get my kids for Christmas. I'm grateful, truly grateful that they are thinking of my children and want to give them a gift to show their love during the holidays.  I start thinking in advance about gifts, but not the way you might think.

I start thinking about what I can get rid of to make room for new things. I think about what I can get my kids that might not end up broken or shoved in the bottom of a toy box never to be seen again. I think about things that won't be too big for the toy room or too messy for the carpet.  I think about places they would like to go and things they would like to do.

I was raised to be grateful for any gift, every gift. While I'm grateful, there are some things I'd prefer you didn't give my kids.  Find out what they are on the next page.

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