4 Fun Things The Kids Will Enjoy On Summer Nights

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Alessia Santoro, writer for Popsugar, put together a great list for enjoying Summer nights with the whole family. Some of her ideas are novel and I can't wait to give them a try, others remind me of my childhood.

Here's what I'll be doing with my kids this weekend from Santoro's list:

  1. Catch fireflies! Run around the backyard to see who can catch the most fireflies, then let them all go so they can keep illuminating the backyard.
  2. Play flashlight tag. Like regular tag, someone is “it” and everyone runs around trying to evade who’s “it.” Players are eliminated when the flashlight’s beam hits them.

These were two of our favorite Summer activities as kids! I can remember putting the fireflies, called “lightening bugs” in the South, into recycled mayonnaise jars and using them as night lights. We will be opting for the more humane catch and release version with our kids though.

I also loved flashlight tag and “hide-and-go-seek in the dark.” I remember spending hours playing these games with my siblings and cousins. What wonderful memories to share with my kids! Besides, my three year old loves any game where he gets to hold the flash light.

3. Make s'mores over a fire or the BBQ. Toast marshmallows to perfection, stack 'em with your favorite chocolate and cookie combo, and tell scary — or not so scary — campfire stories while you eat your s’mores.

4. Have a shadow puppet show. Have the kids write their own puppet show, then perform it at night against the side of the house with their shadows.

What better way to eat back all the calories I'll burn playing flashlight tag than to eat some gooey s'mores with the kids? Yum!

My son loves shadow puppets and having a shadow puppet show in the backyard is just the sort of thing to get his imagination running in high gear. Excuse me while I brush up on my shadow puppet making skills…

If you need more great ideas for Summer nights, check out the rest of Santoro's list at Popsugar and learn how to do things like host a scavenger hunt in the dark or have the perfect camp out in your back yard. Don't forget to share your favorite ideas for starry Summer nights with everyone in the comment section below.

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