Why You Should Never Ask Your Husband To Help You

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Do you ask your husband to help you?

That’s when it began. My husband and toddler came back up from the basement, and my husband took off the toddler’s jacket and sneakers and set them on the kitchen table. Then he set the toddler in the living room and went to the cupboard to get himself a snack (yes, you read that correctly. He was getting himself, not the toddler, a snack). That’s when I said it. I said, “Can you help me out and put Haden’s jacket and shoes in the closet at least?”

Can you help me out, help me out. All at once, I saw my life with my husband flash before my eyes. Can you help me out and…

…put away the kid’s jacket?

…get the baby a bottle?

…rinse your plate?

…put your shoes in the closet?

…take out the garbage?

…fold your laundry?

It was suddenly so clear. These were the wrong words. He’s not helping me out. He’s being an adult, my partner. I said it, right then, out loud: “Actually, can you just do it? It’s not helping me out. It’s just putting your kid’s shit away.” He didn’t respond, but he put it away.

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