My Whole World Is Different Now

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My whole world is different now. I’m a wife and a mother. I love it! I didn’t grow up in the most peaceful of homes.  There was a lot of fighting and a lot of going without.  I knew I wanted to do whatever it took to have a peaceful family home as an adult.  I have worked very hard to provide that and God has truly blessed us with a happy home.  

I love my husband and I love being a mom. I wasn’t always sure that I wanted children.  Being the oldest in a large family sometimes has that effect.  I couldn’t be happier being a mom! I can’t imagine my life differently. It’s the best job in the world that I never knew I wanted. 

I’m happy, but sometimes…. Sometimes I miss the girl I was before.  The girl I was in college, when there weren’t mortgages to worry about. The girl I used to be before staying up all night involved a crying baby.  She was a lot of fun!

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