It’s 2016, People! Why Is There Still A Pay Gap For Women?

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Does equal pay still elude you?

I work in corporate America in Silicon Valley. I have a master’s degree in my field and nine years with my company, similar to my male colleagues. Yet my salary is not the same as my colleagues. While it may be considered taboo to discuss salary, it isn’t illegal, and a few male coworkers and I have shared our reviews and compensation packages. Like the average American woman, I make roughly 77% of each dollar that my male coworkers earn.

Also, I have four children and no significant other. Silicon Valley is not a cheap place to live. My company recruited me here, but I had no idea how expensive it would be to maintain a reasonable standard of living. To make up for the pay gap, I work a part-time job with a running-related sports company, which I discovered at a race I participated in. This part-time job is something I love, and it makes me happy to meet like-minded people who are interested in health and fitness. But this second job also takes me away from those four children. I wouldn’t do it if I could get that 23% from my main employer.

When I accepted my first role here, I felt grateful. That position moved me out of retail and into a set 9-to-5 office position. The move meant more time at home with my children. It meant more stability in hours, pay, and lifestyle. I was so grateful for the opportunity I forgot I might have been worth more than the salary they offered.

When I was promoted after two years, my boss told me outright not to negotiate my salary. He assured me it was the most I would be offered in my promotion. I simply said, “Thank you.” Once again, I felt I would be ungrateful to question what was being offered to me. Certainly, my company wouldn’t undervalue me.

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