How To Take A Shower With A Newborn In The House

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This is one thing they leave out of the baby books is how in the world you take a darn shower when you have newborn baby you can't take your eyes off of?!


You get nervous your baby will somehow figure out how to detach the strap holding her in the bouncer, giving her free rein of your house. The fact that she can’t move is not important. You run back out of the bathroom (fully naked, I should mention) and successfully transfer the baby to her crib.


You get in the shower. You allow yourself to appreciate the warm, cleansing water.


The baby starts crying. Wait. Is that crying? You aren’t sure. You stick your head out of the shower and listen intently. You might be imagining it. You shampoo as quickly as possible just in case. You wash your body at lightning speed. The baby’s cries get louder. Yes, that is definitely crying now. What about conditioner? Do you have time for conditioner?? You must get out as soon as possible. Wait! Have you shampooed yet? YOU CAN’T REMEMBER!!!

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