It’s 2016, People! Why Is There Still A Pay Gap For Women?

  If you work in business, I’m sure you’ve overheard some things that were really just a matter of office politics. One of those things may or may not have related to how much your male colleagues make. And I’m willing to bet the answer to that question both shocked you and pissed you off. […]

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Does Busy Mean The Same Thing As Stressed?

In spite of the fact that I’m officially only working part-time, I’m busy – busier than I’ve ever been. I’m not sure if it’s just this season of life. Working, writing, being a wife and of course being a mom. Or maybe there’s more to it than that. It’s 10 PM on a Sunday night, […]

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3 Types Of Moms That’ll Be At The Pool This Summer

Lucky for us, we have no reason to spend much time at the public pool. Honestly, I don’t even know if there is such a thing around here. It’s still funny to think about, though. What types of moms will be at the pool this summer? Will you run into the completely overwhelmed mom or […]

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Moms With Big Boobs Can’t Win

I can honestly say that I hate bra shopping, but for the completely and totally opposite reason. I was blessed with no boobs, except of course when I was pregnant and/or nursing. Either way, bra shopping sucks. It doesn’t matter how hard I try… I can never find the right one. And it doesn’t help […]

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7 Signs Mom Needs A Break Today!

Most days, thankfully, I wake up feeling somewhat rested and ready to take on the day and whatever life decides to throw my way. Of course I would prefer just a few more hours of sleep, but at this point I’ll take what I can get!! Once I get to sip my morning coffee and […]

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To The Tired And Exhausted Mom, You Are Not Alone

I can look back and honestly say I had no idea Motherhood would be as challenging as it really is. I had no idea I would have days where I’m not only physically exhausted, but emotionally exhausted too. I had no idea things wouldn’t go exactly as I had planned. I never thought I would […]

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4 Reasons Perimenopause Sucks

So much for age just being a number, right? I seriously lost track sometime after 21. Not too long after, it stopped being important. Some quick mental math tells me I have less than a decade left before the inevitable. Less than a decade left to have kids and… And I’m totally not looking forward […]

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Here Are The Real Reasons That Moms Cry

Have you ever had one of those days… You know, the ones where you find yourself lying in the fetal position on your bathroom floor crying hysterically and of course feeling crazy at the same time? Welcome to motherhood! Being a mom sometimes means crying a lot. Crying because you’re happy. And even crying because […]

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7 Dumb Things People Say To A Mom Of Three

It seems that people just cannot stop themselves from saying dumb things. I have two kids, occasionally someone says something annoying about the fact that I have one boy and one girl and how “picture perfect” that is. Because our family would somehow be less than perfect if I had two boys or two girls? […]

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3 Things Good Moms Do That I’m Going To Stop Doing

We all have ideas about what makes us good mothers. It might be never missing a practice for your kid’s dance recital or baseball game. It might mean you’ve never let them eat a happy meal. Maybe you think you’re a good mom because you follow all the pediatrician’s advice. Maybe your mom success is […]

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Being A Mom Is Painful!

Being a mom isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s hard work, but it is also the most rewarding job you’ll ever have and you won’t make a dime. Before my son was born, I didn’t fully realize how difficult it would be to become a mom. I had years of experience caring for and […]

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Stay At Home Moms Are NOT Free Babysitters!

When I first transitioned from the workplace to working from home, friends cautioned me about taking on extra kids. I’ll admit that there were definitely times when keeping a few extra kiddos seemed like a great way to earn extra income. I had no idea how quickly that could snowball. I didn’t know so many […]

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5 Ways Making Mom Friends Is THE WORST!

I always had lots of friends in high school and college. There was never a shortage of things to do or people to do them with. I was a social butterfly, but that was before I had kids. I had my first baby at age 26 and I decided I should make some mom friends. […]

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A Letter To My Last Baby

It’s bittersweet to watch your last baby grow. With each milestone a little voice in your heart says “this is the last time I will see…” and you know you’re saying goodbye to a special period in your life as a mom. If I could write a letter to my last baby, I’d tell her […]

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Overnight Worldwide Mommy Fame: Chewbacca Mom Storms Facebook Headquarters

This Texas mom of two posted a funny video about a Star Wars Chewbacca toy she bought for herself.  She wanted to prove it was hers and not for her kids by posting it on Facebook before picking up the kids from school. She had no idea of the insanity that would come from it… […]

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6 Things That Say You’re A Great Mom

Every mom, at one point or another, wonders if she’s doing a good job. It’s inevitable. I remember hearing not too long ago that if you’re even questioning whether or not you’re a good mom, then you probably are. After all, we care more about our little ones than anything else. I mean, c’mon. There […]

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Three Reasons Why I’m Glad I Have Two Kids Under Two

Some might think I’m crazy for being so happy about having two kids under two, but trust me, I have very good reason for this feeling of joy. I mean, of course the obvious down point would be that I pretty much have to buy two of everything such as cribs, highchairs and twice as […]

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We’ve All Been All The Moms

Being a mom is one of the hardest things most of us will ever do in our lives. It’s hard to fathom just how much it becomes a part of us. And unfortunately, sometimes our kids see us when we’re not exactly at our best. They see the good and the bad, the awesome as […]

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7 Crazy Things I’ve Been Told About Having All Boys

Boys will be boys, right? What exactly is wrong with people that they feel the need to be so darn sexist? My little guy is definitely precious, but I’m willing to bet a little girl would be too. Maybe someday, I’ll get to find out for myself. In the meantime, I guess I’ll just live […]

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Annoying Facebook Statuses From Moms

It’s hard to spend time on social media and not get a little green with envy. The status updates and cute photos we see don’t really tell the whole story; just the cute edited version. However, we view these proud moments and start to feel jealous. As a mom, there are lots of really tough […]

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