4 Things I Hope My Son Inherits From His Daddy

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You always hope that your son or daughter inherits only the best traits from both you and your significant other. I’m definitely guilty of this. I’ve caught myself saying the same things over and over again – “I hope he’s as ambitious as you are,” or “I hope he loves to read as much as I do.” I can’t help it. The entire time I was pregnant – and even now as he’s growing and changing – I think about the person he’s going to become and which one of us he’s going to resemble with respect to certain traits. Even now, with as young as he is, I’ll occasionally notice a little quirk that I can attribute to one or the other of us. I’ll jokingly say something along the lines of “He’s already stubborn, just like you.” There’s a long list of traits that I hope my son inherits from each of us, but let’s focus on what I hope comes from his daddy.

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