20 Questions I Ask Myself While I’m Cleaning My Teenage Son’s Room

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Can you relate to this list? I bet most moms can regardless of whether they have teenage boys or teenage girls.

1. What is this pungent wall of funk assaulting my nostrils?

2. Can he not smell this?

3. Did my son open a Funyuns factory in his bedroom?

4. Is this a medical problem of his, not smelling this stank?

5. Do we own nose clips? Or those onion goggles? Or a hazmat suit?

6. Who needs 2 cans of Axe body spray?

7. Does he think he can spray his funk away instead of washing it off?

8. Does Axe body spray now come in Funyun scent?

9. What’s on his sheets?

10. Why did I buy navy blue sheets for a teenage boy?

11. Is that white stuff on his sheets?

12. Could it be zit cream?

13. Yogurt?

14. Should I sniff it?

15. Have I lost my damn mind?!

16. How happy am I that it is, indeed, yogurt?

17. OMG. How old is this green fuzzy yogurt container?

18. Should I clean under his bed?

19. What if he has a dirty magazine under there?

20. Wouldn’t he just Google that stuff?

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