Why I Wish I Had A Sister Wife

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I admit that before the hit TLC show, Sister Wives, the concept wasn’t even on my radar. I didn’t think it really existed. Then again, I don’t live in Utah or Nevada (where the show takes place). At first I watched a few episodes and gossiped about them with my girlfriends during the commercial breaks. It was like watching a train wreck. You feel like you shouldn’t be looking, but you can’t turn away.

I didn’t really follow the show for very long after it began and I couldn’t tell you where those women are now. However, the idea stuck with me. My logical rational side tells me that it just wouldn’t work for me. I can think of tons of reasons. However, if I’m being totally honest, there are some perks to the whole “sister wife” arrangement. Want to know what they are? Find out on the next page!

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11 Responses to “Why I Wish I Had A Sister Wife”

  1. I will stand second in line for roller coasters, ice cream, fast food, or a sales counter I sure as hell won’t stand in line second for no man EVER….

  2. That was really well put! Ditto!

  3. I’d rather have an extra robot husband….

  4. Some women already do… 😉 😉