Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Child

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I usually keep quiet on the vaccine topic. The debate tends to get very ugly so I just close my mouth and go find someone else to talk to most of the time. The few times I have ventured to say something, I’ve been met with a lot of criticism. Most of it coming from people I know and care about. Most of it is spoken quickly and with an air of righteous indignation. Most of the time, they don’t know our story. It’s not the sort of thing you start talking about on the playground with girlfriends.

I recently read a letter one mom wrote to her friends who don’t vaccinate their kids. It changed me. In the letter, she respectfully lays down her difference of opinion without bashing or calling her friends stupid. She doesn’t effectively end their friendship or create tons of drama. If my friends wrote me a letter like that one, I have to admit I’d be a little surprised but glad that they didn’t do like some of my other “friends” and attack me on Facebook.

So here it is, the truth that you might not be thinking about when you choose to be mean to people who don’t vaccinate.  We don’t vaccinate. I cloth diaper, practice extended breast feeding, love essential oils, try to eat organic, make my own baby food, and we wear our babies around in flower patterned mei tai wraps while drinking herbal tea with honey. I don’t trust any of those things to protect my child from infectious diseases. I take them to the doctor and, when they need it, I don’t turn down the antibiotics. I have my own copy of the American Academy of Pediatrics hand book and during the first year I consulted it like a mommy bible. 

But we don’t vaccinate. A lot of people think they know why. The first time we turned down a vaccine our pediatrician gave me a lecture about how vaccines don’t cause Autism. Our reasons have nothing to do with Autism.  Then our pediatrician gave us two handouts. One was a paper stating that if we didn’t vaccinate against chicken pox our son would probably catch it and die. What? Those little red bumps that made me itch for a week and have to take lots of oatmeal baths will kill my son? 

The second paper he gave us was an article written for the Huffington Post by a mom who encouraged everyone to vaccinate their children for the kids battling cancer who can’t have vaccines. That one really got under my skin. Now I think I need to tell you why we don’t vaccinate.


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110 Responses to “Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Child”

  1. While you’re at it, go ahead and post something about breast vs. formula feeding, stay at home vs. working moms, attachment parenting vs. free range parenting. UGH! THIS IS NOT INFORMATIONAL OR SCIENTIFIC, IT IS MOM BAITING. STOP IT.

  2. You sound stupid. Not everyone CAN vaccinate. Herd immunity. Look it up.

  3. Sure, not everyone can vaccinate. For example, the woman’s son in this article. But, there a lot of people unliking this page, announcing to the world that they’re taking their toys home and don’t try to stop them, without even reading what this woman has to say. To me, that’s stupid. And closed-minded. I’m well aware of herd immunity. My kids are both immunized. Therefore, I’m not worried about this woman’s son not being vaccinated. Apparently, she’s not either.

  4. What you have done is not research nor is it scientific. What was your hypothesis? What type of study did you design? That’s real research. What you did is read. The package inserts which are legal and not medical. They list everything that has ever happened, most of which is not attributable to the vaccine. Let us know when you finish either your PHD or your MD.

  5. God, you’re so ignorant. Listen to the doctors who do have a PHD in science and a MD that have publicly came out about vaccines or that do not vaccinate their own children. So basically you are saying everything that is listed on the vaccine inserts are not real and should be ignored? You are the type of person that is so close minded to the topic at hand. I had an open mind when it came to vaccinating my son, however, research done by doctors prove that there is more to the story. So you’re basically saying that a side effect that is listed is not important? My cousin had encephalitis because of the MMR. Sorry you are so ignorant to see the facts that are present in front of you. You’re also saying that all the research done in undergraduate and graduate courses are not real research because we don’t have a hypothesis or data results? Please, stop. Research can mean both of those things. I don’t have to come up with a hypothesis and test it to prove a point that I actually did research at a medical level of some sort. I can’t even argue with you because of your ignorance. I’m just glad I am able to piss you the hell off because I refuse vaccines for my son and I will do the same for my other children. I do really hope your children never have vaccine damage because you wouldn’t understand my point till you did. I’m protecting my kid by not letting pharmaceutical companies inject my son. Like I said before watch the movie “Bought” and “The Greater Good”. They are actual medical doctors that will teach you a thing or two that have went to school for medicine and done studies that prove their point as well. Like I said, it’s impossible to get a point across to someone so ignorant on the matter. Have a great day!(:

  6. There’s a difference between not being able to receive a vaccine due to life threatening illness or allergies and simply being ignorant

  7. Agree! I have a daughter with ASD and she still gets vaccinated.

  8. Brandi Phelps Well, my dear, I too am “an actual medical doctor” and your posts do not come near scientific accuracy. I’m not, however, remotely ignorant as I have devoted my life to the health of children.