We’re Saying Thank You and I’m Sorry to Our Kids’ Teachers

Do you have good intentions but poor follow-through when it comes to summer breaks? 

Well, the day has finally come — the first day of school. As I hand over my child, I will first tell you thank you. Thank you for all the things. After barely surviving the past 95 days at home with my feral heathens sweet cherubs, I was reminded once again just how much we need you. I don’t know how you do it, but you deserve all the awards, dollars, and wine for dealing with these rugrats all day. Seriously. Following closely on that big giant thank-you, I will give you an almost as big I’m sorry. Back in May, I had big plans for all the educational enrichment we would do over the summer. We would have a family book club! We would practice math facts! We would do science experiments in the kitchen and learn Spanish and play the piano! Summer slide? What summer slide? My kids would come back to school in September even smarter than they were in May. Yeah…about that… I’m sorry. I’m sorry that the summer slide turned into the “summer slip and slide” for us because we fell hard and fast and clumsily off whatever educational development train we were on. We had good intentions of reading more books during the summer, but the days were hot and the swimming pool beckoned to us. I’m sorry for letting the activity sheets sit unfinished and blank, for not keeping a writing journal or doing math facts or practicing flash cards. I had plans to implement some educational time each day, but some days it took all my energy just to keep my kids from killing each other. Math facts just weren’t in the cards. I’m sorry.

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