(Video Footage) Giving Birth To 10lb Baby In Driving Car

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Actual footage of a woman giving birth to her 10lb baby boy while they are driving to the birth center. It happens so fast, it's incredible! Her husband does all the right things AND keeps on driving and doesn't stop. Way to go Mamma! If this ever happens to you, did you know you need to move the baby upside down? I didn't know either!

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12 Responses to “(Video Footage) Giving Birth To 10lb Baby In Driving Car”

  1. Valerie Clark Darine Schuster this couldve been Maya!!!

  2. That is amazing!! What a great video!

  3. Oh goodness lol, I don’t know what I would do :p

  4. Haha.. That would be a very interesting phone call to get!

  5. Haha maybe we should just pick you up on our way to the hospital :p just to be safe lol

  6. No. Sara Kruczek Stacey Pelletier Caitlin Greene

  7. I’ve seen it. Effing nuts

  8. Que? Kathleen Miranda Kimberly Alvarez Harrell