To The Tired And Exhausted Mom, You Are Not Alone

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I can look back and honestly say I had no idea Motherhood would be as challenging as it really is. I had no idea I would have days where I'm not only physically exhausted, but emotionally exhausted too. I had no idea things wouldn't go exactly as I had planned. I never thought I would cry for no reason and at times feel so alone…

Don't get me wrong-all I need is my little guy's sweet smile to snap me out of my funk and remember what a special gift motherhood is. But sometimes all it takes is a glimpse of the heaping pile of laundry , or growing pile of dishes in the sink that I can't get to and I'm back where I was. I just have to learn and accept that the housework is never-ending, my to-do list will never be complete and life with kids doesn't always have to be perfect. When you realize other Moms are going through the same challenges as you-you're not so alone after all.

I'll bet you can totally relate to this letter that one Mom wrote to an exhausted Mom-check it out on the Next Page:

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