There’s Something Worse Than ChickenPox! Ahhh!!!

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Would you have ever thought that there would ever be anything worse than your kid having Chickenpox? Well, there is! Have you heard of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease? Even though it only lasts a week like Chickenpox, it is just dreadful to see your child so uncomfortable. One mom tells her story.

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2 Responses to “There’s Something Worse Than ChickenPox! Ahhh!!!”

  1. Urgh! How horrible! My daughter has croup, and I thought that was bad enough! You poor thing. Did you try any essential oils with the coconut oil? Thanks for the tip!

  2. I did some research, but couldn’t find any mention of specific essential oils being helpful with the sores. We did burn some lavender in the evenings (anything to help him sleep!).
    Having sick little ones is the worst! 🙁