The 8pm Rule That Would Surprise You

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We have an 8pm rule at our house, but it's not what you think. It's not a bedtime 8pm rule. It's something altogether different. And it may not be the normal and it may not be accepted by the majority of moms out there, but it's our 8pm rule and we love it. After reading what it is, you may want to start your own 8pm rule, because you know why? It's your baby and you get to make up any schedule you want to! You don't have to go by what everyone else does. No way!

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81 Responses to “The 8pm Rule That Would Surprise You”

  1. I would die if Vey stayed up till 11….she started pushing her bed time out till 9 and that almost borderline!

  2. My 11 month old goes to bed at 1130-12. Just makes him sleep in longer which is great especially on my days off

  3. My 6 month old has slept from 730 pm-730 am since he was 2 months old. Yes I work. Which means I only get 530-730 with him to feed, bathe and play. I clean after he goes to sleep. I would lose my mind if I had to stay up till 11 at night.

  4. crazy. why not just play from 6-8 instead of nap? instead you are putting baby to bed late then having them get up early. i’m all for whatever schedule works best & my LO was always up to at least 11, but she did not go to daycare & was able to sleep to 11am. babies should have a 12 hr sleep schedule, even if they get up to feed, you should be attempting to put them back down to get them in the habit of a 12 hr night so eventually they sleep. sleep is so important and naps here & there are not the same. its not the time you put a child to bed, but the amount of straight sleep hours you allow

  5. I’m too tired to stay up that late!

  6. my little one stays up late, sleeps in late and takes late naps. hubs and i both work at home and stay home with him so there is no reason for us all to get up early every morning. we just relax and go with the flow and he normally gets more than enough hours of sleep.

  7. I mind my own business about how others parent their kids. I firmly believe that we all do what we feel is right for our kids. That being said, this kind of schedule would never work for me. Lol! We do the complete opposite in our house! My kids are 7, 3, and 1. They are all in bed with lights out by 7:30 every night. My husband and I like to spend time watching tv and hanging out just the 2 of us before bed each night.

  8. I do something similar to this with my 4 month old! Big sister gets some one-on-one time in the early evening while baby naps. Then baby nurses and gets some playtime, bath, etc before hubby and I turn in and put her down at 10 or 1030. She is still waking to nurse at 2 and 5 (when my alarm goes off anyway). She needs the evening nap and trying to keep her up later would just cause misery for everyone. We do what works for us and this author is doing the same. Not crazy at all!

  9. How’d you get him to do that at 2 months???? Currently one week in with a new baby girl– can’t wait for the sleep through nights!!!

  10. Bedtime routine! At 630 we turned off the tv and gave him a bath. Quit playing and started talking in low voices. Turn all but the necessary lights out and then start rocking. By night 3 he was tired as soon as he came out of the tuv

  11. Parenting is different for everyone. What works for one doesn’t always work for another. Raising good kids is what its about.

  12. I can’t imagine staying up til 11 with my baby and getting up in the morning for work! Come 8, were both in bed!

  13. Am I the only one that it doesn’t matter how late my kids stay up they are always awake by 7 at the latest lol

  14. Yes! This is what we do too. It’s also my time to clean up .

  15. Why would your child have a nap from 6-8? Why not make that playtime and bed at 8:30. I’m confused. I mean whatever works, but it seems like that would be a great time to play instead of taking a pre bed nap.

  16. We used to do this when my oldest was a baby. My husband never would have had a chance to see him awake otherwise. You do what works for your family.

  17. I kept waiting for the “rule.” This is a routine (which rocks, b/c it works for them), but I kept reading looking for a rule… Lol, I just thought the title was silly I guess.

  18. YES!!!! My twins can go to bed at 8,9 or 10 and they will both be up by 6:30 6:45!!! I thought that I was alone in this lol

  19. That’s really far from the truth. There is no golden rule of hours a night all children need. It varies from kid to kid just like it does adults.
    Also, years ago before electricity people had broken sleep, toddlers often will go through phases as well, of waking for a few hours in the middle of the night. There’s a lot about sleep that modern culture does very differently from our ancestors and isn’t necessarily for the better.
    I too found that nap from 6-8 odd but it works for them. My 2.5 year old stays up til 11 most nights and if he won’t go down for a nap sometimes he passes out from 6-8 (which I hate because he will then be up even later). Clearly this schedule works for them though and the baby is young, their napping changes anyway.

  20. actually there have been many studies that broken sleep affects growth, development and “normal” standards. that children who do not get proper rest or restless sleep are generally crankier and do not do as well in school or even daycare. the hour itself is not an issue (my daughter goes to bed late to) its the number of hours allotted for sleep. while there is no golden rule, and every child is different, differences should fall within a range. there is a range of sleep needed based on science. some children may be on low end, some high end, but falling out of that range on regular basis can be bad for child. ask a doctor

  21. My 2 year old goes to bed late too. But sleeps from about 9-9 (or 10-9, by the time he actually falls asleep!) or 9-8:30. I just can’t get him down earlier because he still naps for 2-3 hours from 2-5ish. Sometimes 3-6. I could wake him, but I hate to wake a sleeping baby and I enjoy the peace too. We don’t have a daycare schedule to stick to either so for us, his natural rhythm works and the bonus is that he gets to see Daddy come home from work late too!

  22. exactly. when you have flexibility let them sleep whatever hours work. i am not a morning person and tried my best to avoid having a child wake me up, lol. with this article though she is putting the baby down at 11pm but having to wake him at 630am to drop him off by 730am & i just cannot see how that could be good for a baby or any child. even if they did get an extra nap.

  23. Yeah, I’m not a morning person either! And going to bed that late and waking up that early would be tough for me. But, whatever floats your boat I guess!

  24. I like the part the author mentioned about getting to make your own rules/schedule though. I’m sure many people think my kid go to bed too late! But it works for us and I do feel good about the consecutive hours of sleep he gets.

  25. when you are a SAHM to a non school age child you can absolutely make your own rules/schedule. its awsome. but you do great with consecutive hours and a regular nighttime schedule. one of the perks to homeschooling is that you can have lots of flexibility there too. i just know from my classes & classroom observations and papers all the negativity that goes along with not getting enough sleep, which is why guidelines exist. guidelines only give number of nighttime plus nap hours and not time of day guidelines

  26. My son (now 2 yrs) has also slept from 8-8 since he was 2 months old. A routine and schedule is very important in our house! Lol

  27. My small babies have always napped in the evenings because they need it…I guess they are more on my schedule & then begin to transition more to the accepted child sleep schedule closer to a year. It hasn’t been a rule but just functional when they still nurse later at night

  28. I guess do what works for you…but when they start school…good luck with the routine!

  29. This would not work for our household but seems to work for her. What’s good for your family may not always work for another family. My oldest was awake until 10-11pm because if that dang daycare nap!!

  30. It is funny that you say that. As I whole heartedly disagree with this moms time table as one of ours is in bed at 7pm the other is 8pm. Kids need a good routine yes (which sounds like she has ) but also need the constant hours of sleep. And I need that last hour (from just after 8 to 9) to basic clean or do anything small things to get ready for the next day and I need my sleep.

    With that said. My husband always says ,,,agree / not agree. Right or wrong (as long as the child is not neglected or abused ). His response is always we don’t live there and it does not affect our specific unit in a negative way. And until that happens we can’t comment or worry. Very similar to your point.

  31. Mine too. Which is why they are in bed by 730 pm!

  32. I have an 8pm rule…the kids must be in bed no later than 8pm so mommy can rest and regroup for the next day.

  33. I agree! That is a really odd time to take a nap and then play when the baby has to be at daycare so early…

  34. When does this Mom sleep?!

  35. I also thought that was super odd. I’m a SAHM to a 4 year old and a 2 year old and my kids are still in bed at 7 asleep before 8. And they wake up at 6:30-7. The 2 year old still naps from 12-1:30/2pm. Might as well get them on a good schedule for school now rather than try to play catch up later.

  36. Routines and schedules only do so much. You guys lucked out with good sleepers lol. My oldest was scheduled and routined to the point of insanity- didn’t sttn till 2 no matter what I did, and then dropped naps 5-6 months later. And he never sleeps later than 6am no matter when he goes to bed. He sleeps 7:30-5:30ish, and that’s it (he’s 3.5).

    My younger one likes sleeping. Didn’t sttn until recently (20 months) but I put zero effort into it, because at this point I don’t care anymore. He sleeps 7:30-6:30 most days and takes a two-three hour nap. He likes sleep. He’s not scheduled or routined really- if he gets to take a long nap great, if we are out doing stuff, he’ll live off cat naps, that’s just how he is, he likes sleep.

  37. Such a cool idea for working parents!

  38. My rule too! 8pm bedtime is the only way I stay sane. But….to each their own!

  39. Guess I’m lucky too. My Nora has slept through the night from the time she was 2 months old. Matter of fact she’s just going to sleep.

  40. D Camila Rosales Q wish it was time for my lo to go to bed! Time change has him going to bed at 830 instead of 730 now ha!

  41. Well the first three days were tricky, but now thank the supreme power she’s back too normal. She’s too crazy lol

  42. This is totally unrealistic for a mom that works and when you have to wake up your child at 6something to get ready for daycare :/

  43. I click on it and read one rambling paragraph that basically repeats the headline then tells me to go to another page.

  44. We did this when my daughter was small. Our twins went to bed for the night and our newborn went down for her last nap. My husband works 10-10 3 days a week and 3-10 on the other 2 days. It was the only time he got to see our daughter! She would nap 7:30-9 and then her longest stretch would be 11:30-6.
    Now that she’s 6 months and on a regular sleep schedule he gets up with all 3 kids at 7 and plays with them and gets them ready for school/daycare.
    Yes, he’s always exhausted and I’m spoiled with an extra hour of sleep. Lol but he does it so he can at least see his kids for a few hours and he knows if I’m well rested our house runs smoother.
    If this schedule works for her-awesome.
    For those that are saying just play with the baby from 5-7… who wants to play with a cranky baby? If the baby naps a bit playtime and bath go SO MUCH SMOOTHER. Have you ever tried to bathe a cranky baby? NO FUN!!

  45. 6am or if I’m really lucky 7am… Ugh!