The 8pm Rule That Would Surprise You

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We have an 8pm rule at our house, but it's not what you think. It's not a bedtime 8pm rule. It's something altogether different. And it may not be the normal and it may not be accepted by the majority of moms out there, but it's our 8pm rule and we love it. After reading what it is, you may want to start your own 8pm rule, because you know why? It's your baby and you get to make up any schedule you want to! You don't have to go by what everyone else does. No way!

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81 Responses to “The 8pm Rule That Would Surprise You”

  1. Whew I guess if that works. I would be exhausted. I try to get the babies to sleep at 8.

  2. Sheila get the book cherish the first 6 weeks. Sooooo helpful and super short and easy to read in the midst of the first weeks chaos. Our little guy was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks too

  3. Yeep! I swear the later he stays up the earlier he wakes up

  4. I spend the whole day with my boys. We eat dinner as a family every night. We all say prayers together and the everyone says what they are thankful for. They are in bed by 9 so mommy and Daddy have a few mins to talk and regroup. So we’re ready for the next day,

  5. This is us, I wish it could be different. But it’s us and we understand how the 8 pm rules works for you!

  6. Because the child is only 8mo. Glad they found a schedule that works for them, but it won’t last much longer since the child will be outgrowing the evening nap.

  7. Juan Salazar read this.

  8. Brittany I LOVE this!! We are playing in my bed right now as we speak. Had dinner, played, danced, bathed and now we’re doing kissy attacks in bed. Wouldn’t trade it for the world and now she will sleep till 9 for you hahaha

  9. Awesome idea but does not work for my little one, she was so difficult to get to sleep until I start to put her to bed around 8. But this would be awesome if did lead to a very rough bed time for us.

  10. It’s just a schedule of eat, bath, play, clean up, read. Nothing out of the ordinary I don’t think.

  11. Just that she naps her baby from 6-8 and puts him to bed at 11

  12. Used to do this with my daughter as I worked evening and night shift for years

  13. Tried it. Didn’t work for us. If mine stays up past 8, she won’t sleep through the night. The 7:30 pm bedtime works for us. But, hey, to each her own! Whatever works.

  14. Good luck getting the baby to sleep at a normal time once he’s older since he’s used to this.

  15. I pretty much have the same schedule with my 4 month old. His last bottle is at about 9 or 930. I typically have him asleep by 10 or 1030, and he’s usually sleeping when I drop him off at 730 at daycare. I take him out of his crib to change him before we leave, but he kind of sleeps through that. This works great for us!

  16. this is what we do. 8 pm is dinner, then its a bath at 9, a story and bed by 10. he sleeps 10 pm-10am without waking up once (unless he has a bad dream or something)

  17. my sons bed time is 10 and he has no problem going to bed at 9 when i put him down early for the night.

  18. It’s not that hard. When my kids were babies my husband didn’t get home from work until 11:30pm the babies went to bed around midnight after showcasing time with their dad and was a fairly easy transition when they got bigger to an earlier bedtime

  19. I do the same thing. I only get a few hours alone with my son and cherish every moment. My husband and I love our lil night owl!

  20. That’s pretty much our routine!

  21. I have 2 school-aged kids who are both in bed asleep by 7:45 most nights. Since they’re both up by 6 a.m., this works for us. When they were babies and toddlers, their sleep was really hard on us, since they were both early teethers :/ Only just in the past 3 years have we started getting sleep. Have faith in yourselves, Mamas. Do what works for your families 😉

  22. I think the point is setting aside time together. Doesn’t matter what time it is