Man Denies PMS Exists: Women Everywhere Might Disagree Just A Little

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I just saw over on Scary Mommy a pretty funny post about a guy who's claiming PMS is all in your head and doesn't really exist at all.

Can you believe it?

It was all in reference to his article over on 

“A new article in Slate shows what happens when you take studies about women’s biology and then interpret them, bro-style. In his article titled, “Is PMS Real? Or is it just a figure of our menstruation-fearing culture,” writer Frank Bures takes a thorough look at the history of PMS and concludes that “if it’s a syndrome, it’s almost certainly a cultural one.” You see, according to Bures, the fact that women in some parts of the world don’t get diagnosed with PMS is evidence that it’s a “social construction” of cultures that view menstruation as something negative and, therefore, to blame for any bad feelings women have.

He cites various studies that support his view: for example, in one study, women who were told that they were premenstrual when they actually weren’t experienced more PMS symptoms than those who actually were premenstrual but were told they weren’t. I believe the name of that study is, “I Didn’t Have Time To Think Of A Name For This Study Because I Was Being Ruthlessly Kicked Square In The Nads.””

She goes on to say:

“Bures says that our current belief in PMS is based on that old sexist idea of “hysteria,” which is a condition women used to be diagnosed with when they got lippy. “Hysteria” means “wandering uterus,” because it was thought that uteruses would wander around women’s bodies making snacks and stuff and then getting lodged in the wrong place, causing one hell of a bad mood. The cure, of course, was intercourse, which Bures says, “supposedly worked.” But “hysteria” is an outdated notion that has long been proven wrong. “Today,” writes Bures, “hysteria is never diagnosed, except by unwise husbands.””

Check out the Scary Mommy's full post over at:

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25 Responses to “Man Denies PMS Exists: Women Everywhere Might Disagree Just A Little”

  1. I would like to see a man experience life in the body of a woman. Blood escaping their man-ginas and ruining their favorite pants, anger, depression, anxiety, incapacitating man-strual cramps, confusion, forgetfulness, irritability. It’s great fun! It’s also all in their mini man heads!

  2. I don’t understand why some men claim women problems don’t exist. I have never heard a woman say, ” you know I bet jock itch isn’t even real. Men are such fakers. There using that as an excuse”

  3. Similar to a conversation my husband an I has about people who have never lived with or love someone with ADHD thinks that it doesn’t exist…

    Unless you live it, you have no clue.

  4. Oh, look…it’s Kelley Linzey Crawford! Haha

  5. Yep! Imagine that! It exists… and sometimes is pure hell.

  6. And might I add to that… Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain… as well as many others… just because you can’t see it.. doesn’t mean it’s not real..

  7. ADHD dnt exist it’s normal human behavior to have emotions and ur lack of knowing how to cope or manage emotions is ur lack of love attention an discipline as a child PMS cramps do exist before my second child I too was weary of some women n their cramps I said really? Come on …. But now I can literally feel the egg moving as if knife was cutting it’s way thru my tubes and my whole body aches pre period back n hips mostly constipation sucks and ya every thing else

  8. Lol the only fibromyalgia patients I know are opiate addicts

  9. Really why yest this guy knows so much abput how women’s bodies work

  10. Sheyenne, I know many fibromyalgia patients, none of whom are opiate addicts. Fibro exists in people who aren’t addicts.

  11. Well Kae this wan also believes that people who have ADHD were children who didn’t receive enough love or attention and now can’t control their emotions. I don’t hold her opinions in particularly high regard.

  12. Psh. I’m a total crazy$#%&!@*the week before my period. Pms is very real.

  13. This looks like a headline from The Onion… GTFOH! Haha

  14. Who cares what one man thinks about PMS? He been around too many men too long!

  15. I think for some women it does and some are just dramatic. Just my opinion.

  16. He just needs to come to my house.

  17. Choua Thao Kham Thao she looks like choua!

  18. Omg she does look like choua!!!

  19. At first I thought Choua Thao modeled for them..

  20. Lol….stupid men and their penises

  21. Men don’t know what it’s like to be crazed because of hormones. Men don’t know what we go through as women. It suck guys! It f’ing sucks!!! My husband is a moron because he thinks I should just get over it.

  22. I’m thinking that this man is quite single!

  23. I wish it were possible for us to switch bodies with a man for a day. During 3rd trimester in pregnancy, shark week, after birth… could they even handle life?? They can’t even handle a cold