Making Wishes

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When I think about making wishes, it brings back memories of being a little girl. I would close my eyes and toss a penny into the fountain. I would always get so excited about the possibility of those wishes actually coming true. Back then, there was a sense of magic to it. 

Those days are long gone, unfortunately, but that doesn’t keep me from still making wishes. For the majority of my adult life, those wishes have consisted of wanting only two things. It’s taken more than a decade, but both of those wishes have finally come true. I’m sure you’re probably curious what exactly those two things are, right – the two things that I’ve spent so long waiting for? Find out on the next page. 

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One Response to “Making Wishes”

  1. Right now, I just wish I had a tidy house! With 3 small boys I can’t keep on top of it all.