How Do You Wean A 2 Year Old?

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We are still struggling with weaning our breastfed toddler. I’ve been trying in earnest for the last three months. I’m ten weeks pregnant now. My breasts are getting much more sensitive and I’m just ready to be done.

I have loved it. I have loved looking at his sweet little milk drunk face as he nods off to sleep. I have loved listening to the soft, muffled giggling noises he makes when he first latches on. I have loved the smell of his little baby head when I lean down to kiss him as he nurses. I have loved the feel of his chubby fingers pressed against my cheek as he nurses. I have loved breastfeeding him, but I’m done.

I’m done with nursing acrobatics, including but not limited to attempting to nurse while standing on his head with his feet pressed against my neck. I’m done with his attempts to free my breast from the confines of my shirt in public places. I’m done with the marathon nursing sessions as he tries to fight sleep for a solid hour each night. I’m beyond ready to be done with those things, and yet I know that some part of me will miss them. Some part of me will one day long to hear the words he says each day when I come home: “Hi Mommy. I want the boobies!” in his cute little toddler voice.

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One Response to “How Do You Wean A 2 Year Old?”

  1. Would lemon hurt your nipple though? I would be scared to put anything with that acidity on sensitive parts