First Year Baby Items I Would Buy Again In A Heartbeat

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There are so many things to choose from when shopping for a new baby – aisles and aisles of options everywhere you go. I overbought and underused, though. Lack of experience, what can I say? I’m sure that’s not all that surprising, is it? I’m willing to bet it’s actually a fairly common occurrence, especially with how unique each individual baby is. I thought it might be useful to put together a list of the things that were my first year favorites. Here is a list of the things that, given the opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again. 

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17 Responses to “First Year Baby Items I Would Buy Again In A Heartbeat”

  1. I loved having a swing when he wanted to sit up by himself, he would sit in it and be happy for at least the next ten minutes, which meant ten minutes minimum of hands required actions like cleaning or possibly taking a shower when there was another adult home, I remember days where he would want to be down but didnt want to be on the floor, so into his swing or walker and there he would be content to play. other things that were awesome was the 200 dollar crib, changing table, dresser, toddler bed combo. best purchase ever and he completely destroyed it before it achieved its final form of full sized bed headboard dresser combo. it lasted 3 years until we finally threw it out. the last one is his doggy, I bought a giant stuffed dog when he was 6 months, put it on the edge of his changing table, and that day he grabbed it, and has slept with it ever since. he is five and he still has it. having a security type blanket or animal can be a life saver when your child is sick and needs that comfort even if we HAVE to get out the door. “Oh Im sorry you feel icky today, why dont we bring Doggy to auntie’s, and he can keep you company while Im at work.” bing bang done. Works 80% of the time.and with a little work they can do without such as sleep overs, avoiding inadvertent embarrassing situations when they get older.

  2. “Sophie” the giraffe. My daughter carried it everywhere. Great for teething and when she just wanted to chew on something. We didn’t buy this, because it was a gift. If I had to, I would buy it. I recommended it to all my “Mommy” friends. 🙂

  3. Rock and play or cradle and swing. Would not have survived without either!

  4. Rock and play, nose Frieda, and baby k’tan wrap

  5. Rock and play sleeper and a nursing pillow. That is all you need!

  6. @[27204378:2048:Sierra Lowe] I know you have it all already but thought you might like checking in on this post 🙂

  7. The best joggin stroller you can afford!!! They can go anywhere!!! Wubba Nub pacifier (buy more than just one)

  8. My bouncy seat. It had a vibrate option, and I’d plop both my girls in it when I needed my hands free. Between the vibrations, lights, and music, they would happily play in it for at least 30 minutes!

  9. This was a life saver with my second daughter. She could not lay flat because she got gassy. She slept in this till she started getting more mobile and i didnt want her to fall out. I had it next to my bed.