Disciplining Another’s Child, Would You Do It?

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Would you ever discipline someone else’s child? I see a lot of kids at the playground who aren’t following the rules. Kids do stuff like that all the time. It’s our job as parents to show them the way to behave and correct their behavior when they need guidance.  The local playground can get pretty busy, so I know we’ve all been in that situation where we didn’t see something our child did or just couldn’t get there fast enough.  

If my kid is misbehaving on the playground, or needs help, I hope another loving mother will reach out and help. I hope another mother will compassionately instruct my child. I hope that if he gets stuck on the monkey bars that mother will reach out and rescue him before he breaks his arm. I hope that if he is bullying another kid or being too rough with the little ones, another mother will step in when I can’t and tell him that’s not okay. 

Would you want that same thing? I’m never sure. If I call down your fourth grader for pushing his way through the tunnel full of toddlers, will you thank me or pick a fight? Will you be grateful that I asked him to be gentle in my stern mommy voice or will you scream at me not to take that tone with your child? I have seen both reactions and the latter can be very scary.

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10 Responses to “Disciplining Another’s Child, Would You Do It?”

  1. Yep and I expect mine to be disciplined as well if they are out of line. At least by my friends and family. Perhaps not by a stranger unless it’s preventing danger but it would depend on the situation. The ones described in the article would be fine and I would do what I needed to protect my child but on the playground would like remove from situation and talk about what went wrong. @[1034583035:2048:Erin Damon Jones] @[547979277:2048:Melissa Fischer Spencer] @[1634381372:2048:Jayme Johnson]

  2. I totally agree. I expect you ladies to discipline my boys if they need it.
    I do it to kids around me all the time.

  3. Yes agreed. I had a kid (stranger) crawl across a play structure on a playground and he could’ve fell on my 2 yr old. I told him he needed to go play somewhere else. My kids and other kids could’ve been hurt and I don’t think I was out of line for protecting children from a child that was doing the wrong thing.

  4. I have told a child that it wasnt nice to be mean to my son by pushing or doing something to him or even to me.. but I do it as nicely as possible. If my child nisbehaved back towards that kid I would put my son back in his place and make him apologize even if the other kid didnt.

  5. It takes a village! I trust my close friends and family to follow through with the rules we use. However I don’t expect it, as everyone isn’t comfortable doing that.

  6. Depending on circumstances yes

  7. It depends. If their life is in danger or if I see them harming another child, absolutely. If they are acting out, such as being loud, disrespectful, etc., then I would leave it up to the parent and remove my child from that scenario. What I consider to be unacceptable behavior, unfortunately may not be the same for others.

  8. It’s up to their parents. I would never even pick up a child without asking the parents first. It’s about respect. Not jumping the gun when your gut tells you to. If it was my niece, I know I have a right to discipline her because her parents told me to if she gets out of hand. Now if it was a friends child, I wouldn’t lay a hand on that child without the parents giving me the ok. I.e remove the child from the situation.

    Me personally, my son reacts to redirection better by someone other than my husband or myself. So when it’s absolutely needed, I give the ok because it helps us out in the long run

  9. I will respectfully talk to another child if they are acting inappropriately towards me or my child, sometimes sternly and have asked to speak to the child’s guardian and then have done so. But other than that, nope.