Defending My Husband

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My husband does a lot of stuff that really gets under my skin. It ranges from making a bad joke about me to his friends to putting the keys to the safe inside the safe last night.  That man just knows how to push my buttons. Sometimes, he even does it on purpose. I’ll admit that on more than one occasion I have complained to a girlfriend about the trials and tribulations of living with this man of mine.  But let someone else say something mean or hurtful about him and my claws come out.  He might be a pain in the butt, but he’s my man and he’s a good one most of the time.

In my mind, defending him is just part of the territory.  My mom gets wind of a marital spat and says something about him not being so bright and I feel the need to let her know that won’t be tolerated. My sister starts blabbing about how her husband is better than mine and I feel the defenses going up!

We are a team, my husband and I.  When I married him, we said vows about “two becoming one.”  In my mind that means we are the same. We’ve always been opposites, so we butt heads a lot! Still, we work hard to make sure everyone else knows that despite our differences, we are a unified front.

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One Response to “Defending My Husband”

  1. I use to defend my ex husband only to find out he was really the a – hole everyone said he was. I was blinded by my love.